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Inventive Studios Est. 2022

Let's invent together

Let's turn the creative game into an inventive game

Inventive thinking
Show don't tell

Show don't tell

Bring inventiveness everywhere

Inventive Studios is a media technology company based in Mainz and Berlin. The studio is specialized in spatial content, real-time applications with virtual avatars and ai applications.
Inventive is an enabler for a new generation of content.

There is no better time to reinvent yourself than now

invent new things

From inspiration to trend scouting, we take individual sessions to account for long-term support to new inventions.

  • Inspiretalks
  • Keynotes
  • Mediatrends
  • Innovation Consulting
  • Collaborative Brainstorming
  • Ideation

Our products and projects use the latest technologies and innovative services.

  • Casting
  • Content Creation for Social, Web, TV
  • Image and Explainer
  • Show und Event Experiences
  • Corporate Show
  • Live and Real Time Productions
  • Virtual Production
  • Digital Twin creation
  • Avatar creation

We show new ways: From funding opportunities to novel partner and collaboration scenarios.

  • Business analysis
  • Partner curation
  • Tender curation
  • Tender creation




We are an interdisciplinary team of experienced content and technology experts

We have a deep understanding for content, technology and product development

We are thrilled by paths not yet taken – Let's Invent together

Friends x Partner x Clients