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The studio for new inventions –
the brand for inventive people.

Inventiveness everywhere

Inventive is an interdisciplinary studio for new inventions. Inventive advises brands, companies and institutions in the field of innovation. Inventive researches primarily in the field of content and technology and in the intersections of the industries.

We are creating and producing experiences for all media in the universe. We celebrate inventiveness. We create spaces for it and identify inventive potential around the world.

Inventive is building a community of likeminded gamechangers and a homebase for all inventors around the world.

Making our society more inventive again

We are award winning media experts

We believe in the beauty of technology

And the paths not yet taken

Scout & Consult

Trends, zeitgeist and tons of innovations directly at your disposal.

Let's talk

Develop & Produce

Show don't tell. Create new markets through new offers and inventions. Let's move fast – from POC to MVP, from launch to the final patent. Hands-on changes everything!

Let's create

Inventive Studios Est. 2022

Let's invent together